Where to Eat the Best Clucking Chicken Burgers in Bristol

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Burgers have been getting a LOT of love in our fair city recently; beef has been the order of the day and we can enjoy it in many different ways with various accompaniments (bone marrow and blue cheese burger at Asado anyone?!) but what about the cow’s humble farm friend, the chicken? 

 Never to be underestimated, there is nothing quite like a damn good chicken burger. We thought it was only fair to show these creations just as much love as their beefy counterparts. This is the chickens’ time to shine, and we’ve handpicked some of the best on offer.

First and foremost, we have Burger Theory. Now this list is in no particular order, however the ‘Prairie Girl’ burger from these guys has gathered quite the following on social media. It consists of a southern fried chicken breast with franks hot sauce and cool blue cheese dressing; it’s crispy, juicy and honestly just down right delicious. The team here only works with local farmers and producers, so all of the poultry is organic and of the best quality – it shows in the chunk of chicken between the bap. If you don’t fancy it fried, then you might just fall in love with the KFC. Now, don’t get it twisted with the colonel; this is Burger Theory’s Korean Fried Chicken. A chicken fillet doused with sticky chilli glaze, spring onions and salted peanuts. Where else can you get a beauty like that?

The great thing about Burger Joint is that you get to choose. You are the master of your own chicken universe. What burger joint also offers (that the other burger joints don’t), is the option of Piri-Piri chicken fillet. The gang here suggest you could have it with chorizo, Monterey jack cheese, a fried egg, chilli sauce and garlic mayonnaise, but really, it’s entirely up to you. You can also get grilled chicken and pimp it up however you like. You might even just want it plain and simple, so this is a great option with lots of choice.

There is no way we could forget our good friends, Asado. The Pollo Libre is a welcome change to the chicken burgers in Bristol; a bun filled with a hefty buttermilk fried chicken thigh, chunky guacamole, chipotle mayonnaise and salad. This is a messy affair, so thank goodness the restaurant has a never ending supply of napkins on the tables. The guacamole is a lovely supporting sauce for the chicken and oozes over the sides of the bap, whilst the chipotle mayonnaise adds a wonderful smoky aftertaste. Hey, we warned you that eating chicken was going to be messy.

Oowee are renowned for feeding the people of Bristol pure joyous filth, but did you know they also offer a banging chicken option? The Hot Chic to be precise. Crispy fried chicken dipped in hot sauce with a smattering of blue cheese and gherkins. This is similar to the burger offered by Burger Theory, but we’d say just a little bit down and dirtier. If you want to go all out for chicken, the Clukin’ fries here are also phenomenal; fries topped with FRIED CHICKEN AND GRAVY DO WE NEED TO WRITE ANYMORE? WE THINK NOT.

As the name might suggest, Wing's Diner is all about lip-smackingly excellent fried chicken - served up with an Asian twist. Their plump and juicy mix of breast and thighs are complimented with Korean style sticky sauces. You can drench that breast in sweet, spicy, peanut or Sirachanaise and enjoy the sweet and sour flavours the pickles bring to the party. As they're enjoying a permanent pop-up at Small Bar on King Street, we highly recommend ordering one of everything an sinking a few decent beers with them.

We like burgers that tell you exactly what you're gonna get in the name and Smoke and Glaze have nailed this marketing ploy! Introducing The Big Bird, a crispy buttermilk fried chicken thigh swamped in prosciutto, a roast portobello mushroom, parmesan, truffle mayo & Cajun ketchup. It's big, it's crunchy, it's moist and has been describe in the office as "the greatest thing I have ever eaten" by one hungry Wriggle employee.

Backyard have stacked up a real beauty of a burger, and it's absolutely banging! The Golden Phoenix Burger surely one of the most fabulous burgers you'll ever see. So what's in this gorgeous Golden Phoenix Burger? Picture this: Rice & “Flaming Hot Cheetos” spiced fried chicken doused in Japanese mayo and tonkatsu sauce, topped with Kohlrabi - a crisp white radish and coriander "glitterslaw" - and Asian pickles, the whole in a toasted golden milk bun - how amazing does that sound?

You will find Wild & Rustic popping up at various Bristol markets, and when they do you might want to navigate yourself to their stall. Because they have a chicken burger on the menu that is quite frankly, a dream come true. The burger consists of sous vide lemon and thyme marinated chicken thighs served in a rustic sourdough bun, topped with wild rocket, confit garlic mayonnaise, aged parmesan and sweet potato crisps. Not only is it a beautiful sight to behold, it tastes epic. Fresh, with a lovely hint of garlic from the mayonnaise and the potato crisps to cut through, this chicken burger definitely stands out.

Recently opened on Whiteladies Road and new to the Bristol burger ranks is Hubbox. Slotting nicely into the scene, they offer four different chicken burger options. The one we think stands out nicely though, is the Kim Yum Chick burger. A fried buttermilk chicken breast topped with Korean BBQ sauce, shredded lettuce and Gochujang mayonnaise; the result is a fantastically crispy bite with some lovely lingering flavours and a nice crunch from the lettuce.

How about this effort from award-winning burger chef Alex; poussin brined in spicy pickle juice and vodka and then served with chicken fat aioli, a crispy skin, shaved kohlrabi and guacamole. This attention to detail when it comes to prepping the chicken with brining before it's even seen a fryer results in a juicy, flavourful chicken burger with a cripsy fried outside and plenty of punchy flavour to compete. Keep an eye on the Squeezed twitter account for the next showing of this gorgeous burger. Pic credit to Natalie Brereton.

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