The Best Veggie & Vegan Burgers in Cardiff 2020

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Lately the veggie and vegan game in Cardiff has been going from strength to strength, with great new eateries popping up across the city. Nowadays, not eating meat doesn't have to mean forgoing the flavour thanks to the talented chefs putting vegetables at the forefront and taking our hearts, minds and stomachs by storm.

Here, we've picked ten Cardiff spots where you can be guaranteed a tasty veggie or vegan burger that's completely meat-free, but still gosh-damn delicious.

The Greazy Vegan is the perfect antidote to the preachy, smug narrative that so often surrounds veganism and 'clean eating', making it seem unapproachable and unaffordable. Sick of the constant cycle of kale and quinoa, the chefs at Greazy Vegan decided to take a stand, and began cooking the indulgent, greasy, tasty junk food of their wildest drunken fantasies – completely cruelty free. Thus, Greazy Vegan was born, bringing joy to junk food-loving vegans across Cardiff.

This all-vegan restaurant is a big hit even with Cardiff’s most dedicated carnivores and we think it’d be criminal of you not to try one of their banging vegan burgers. The 'ultimate burger' is just that: a red lentil and beetroot patty with TWO onion rings and all the trimmings, plus an extremely generous portion of some of the best chips in town.

Since 2015, Bwydiful's bright orange stall has been a well-loved fixture at events all around the 'Diff, and now they're a permanent fixture - hurrah! Now you'll be able to enjoy their amazing artisan burgers whenever you fancy, and that, dear Wriggler, is excellent news. Their signature burgers feature local, independent produce, and they've got cracking options for you meat-free diners – let's just say halloumi plays a BIG role – and that is fine by us.

The Grazing Shed is famous for its fresh flavours and friendly staff, and was even shortlisted in the prestigious 2017 Britain’s Best Burger competition. It’s not just for meat heads either: there are SIX gorgeous vegetarian burgers (the Hell Fire Hippy is heavenly) and five vegan options, meaning everyone's got plenty to choose from here. Gone are the days of one token portobello mushroom in a stale-ass bun – these guys are serious players on the burger scene!

Don’t be fooled by the name: there are plenty of non-beefy burgers at this cool café bar on Cowbridge Rd, and once a week, on Meatless Mondays, the whole menu goes vegetarian and vegan – pretty inspiring stuff. Even more exciting is that at T&B, you completely customise your own burger from start to finish – choose your own bun, patty (we love the black bean and chipotle one), then add toppings, cheeses and sauces to your heart's content.

We’re big fans of this friendly vegetarian café, and we’re in good company too, as its new site was opened by rock legend, Chrissie Hynde. The burgers (there are five to choose from) are wholesome but huge, so be prepared for a proper feeding; you'll be waddling home afterwards. If you're after a recommendation, we love the Ahimsa – it's all about the delish Indian cheese, paneer.

Spit & Sawdust give the game away with their name – this is a skate park and a social enterprise, after all, not some cosy design concept. But the organic burgers have put this place on the map of discerning burger hunters; where else will you find handmade organic burgers for under a fiver? Or tofu burgers as delicious as any meaty feast? With everything made from scratch, and bread from local heavyweights Allen's, this is food made with love and attention, at a price which makes you double-take.

Visit either of Tiny Rebel's two bars (in Cardiff and Newport), and expect a selection of outstanding indie beers from a myriad of Craft Breweries, a bounty of slow-cooked temptation (we recommend their down-and-dirty burgers or hot-and-messy pizzas) and a properly tidy time. The vegan burger options on offer are their southern fried seitan burger topped with bbq jackfruit and vegan cheese or the marinated tofu burger with homemade kimchi. Enjoy friends.

If you're in search of a symphony of flavours that sing in perfect harmony against a backdrop of heaven-sent music that guarantees you a good time, look no further than the Philharmonic. For the plant-based there's an epic garden burger stuffed with a moroccan spiced courgette, potato, carrot, spring onion and cabbage bhaji and topped with halloumi.

The award-winning café-bar at the very heart of Chapter offers an extensive range of healthy and affordable food and drink from breakfast time through to dinner, along with free Wi-Fi making it a popular space at all times of the day. Their veggie burgers are pretty darn excellent, chose from either the Green Goodness with herby courgette, edamame, chickpea & quinoa patty, avocado & tahini sauce or the Garden State with portobello mushroom, red pepper, courgette, aubergine, tarragon & cashew pesto.

The team behind the Lazy Leek have experience running chalets in the French Alps; working in commercial kitchens, and even cooking food for refugees in Calais. With all of this foodie finesse now behind them, the Lazy Leek was born. Everything on the menu here is free from meat and dairy - the LL team want to share with the world how easy, tasty and exciting eating vegan can be. This means hungry plant-based eaters can chow down on anything and everything, from glazed blueberry doughnuts, huge TexMex burgers, fresh and tasty onion bhaji wraps and 'pulled' portobello mushroom dirty fries.

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