The Room Film Screening + Live Q&A

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Cult classic The Room is the result of director Tommy Wiseau's directorial vision and is a perfect storm of badness. It has become a worldwide phenomenon, attracting an army of loyal followers and has continues to play to sold out audiences around the world. Our friends at Bristol Bad Film Club are proud to present two screenings of the film at The Redgrave Theatre on Wednesday 15 Febuary, plus a live Q&A with one of the most charismatic cult film directors of all time.



The premise behind "The Citizen Kane of bad films" is a simple one. It is the story of a banker named Johnny (Tommy Wiseau) who suspects that his fiancée Lisa may be sleeping with his best friend Mark (Greg Sestero).

However, surrounding this simple love triangle is a veritable clusterfuck of cinematic head-scratching conundrums. Various subplots are introduced and then either ignored or not resolved (such as the fact Lisa's mother is suffering from cancer), rooftop screens are done with awful green-screen effects, scenes are frequently out of focus and then there are the two awkwardly long and incredibly unerotic sex scenes (the latter of which simply reuses footage from the first).


Bristol Bad Film Club have managed to entice Tommy to the city for two screenings of his classic melodramatic romance story. Cult film fans rejoice and come together for this incredible opportunity to meet and great him, ask same questions, and even pose for photos. 

Tickets can be purchased through Wriggle for both screenings, the first to begin at 7pm, before a second at 9.30pm. It's gonna be a sensational emotional rollacoaster from start to finish, and we'll be riding it along with all you all.

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