The 20 Best Cocktail, Happy Hour & Beer Deals in Bristol

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Bristol isn't exactly short of good pubs and bars, so deciding which one to venture out to can be a daunting task. So. Much. Choice. 

Don't worry though, these clever clogs have decided to make your choice a little bit easier by offering you a cheeky little incentive. Whether you're hankering for a beer or something a little bit more sophisticated, there's something here for you. 

Just don't blame your hangover on us, or tell your mum's we told you where to get cheap, delicious booze.

The Bristol Beer Factory Tap Room is returned to its original purpose when the Brewery first opened in 1865. It's even more enjoyable to think that 150 years later, you'd be able to enjoy drinking a Bristolian beer brewed only a few feet away from where you're ordering. It doesn't get fresher than that! This week they're offering a sampler paddle of beers. If you're looking for suggestions - Independence and Milk Stout are some of the best you can drink in the city.

It's Friday, work's finished and life's good. Time to get yourself over to Mud Dock for a few beers (or ciders) whilst overlooking the harbour and make some well-intentioned plans to do stuff this weekend (that you won't actually do).

Just over on the south side of the harbour is the Golden Guinea. An absolute corker of a proper Bristol pub. They have an ever revolving cask selection so you're guaranteed a great tasting pint every time you go there.

Not one for the faint-hearted, The Mother's Ruin on St Nicholas Street is a proper rocker pub that's brimming with rough-around-the-edges, no frills charm, a buzzing atmosphere, live music, and good drinks. Your shoes will stick to the floor, your ears will be ringing from the music, and you might just come away with a burning desire to only wear leather and studs. WE LOVE IT.

Up on the second floor of Cargo is Sholay Kitchen who offer up delicate, modernised Indian Streetfood. In the evening, they also whip up fragrant cocktails that carry the taste of the East with them. Personal faves are the Sholay Mojito – Blackwell Jamaican rum, passion fruit, lime, mint and sugar syrup or Masala Chai Old Fashioned – Early times reserve whiskey, spice honey and orange bitters. Both are insanely delicious!

Head to Old Market for some deliciously boozy concoctions from To The Moon. Tuck into favourites like Espresso Martini, Margarita, Bramble, Old Fashioned, Daiquiri, Long Island Ice Tea or Moscow Mule. Then order another couple because they're ruddy moorish!

Moor are brewing some of the best beer in Bristol, their commitment to great tasting, fresh and vegan beer is a breath of fresh air in a world of lackluster brown ale. If you want to see for yourself, pop down to their lush taproom and try 5 of their tipples, all brewed on site.

Bristol's latest microbrewery has seamlessly slipped into Stokes Croft and are producing some very tasty and exciting beers. On Fridays the doors are flung open (look out for the sign so you don't miss it!) and you can head in to their tiny taproom to try beer from the source.

Everything at the Old Bookshop is ramped up to the nines, from the eclectic hodgepodge of antique musical instruments and disconcerting taxidermy, to the menu of modern small plates, the seductive bar, and the mixed bag of live music. And despite the razzle-dazzle, it's not all show here. Having been crowned Bristol's Best Bar at the Bristol Life Awards 2017 - these guys are standing their ground at the forefront of Bristol's buzzing bar scene. They've got an epic selection of craft beers and ciders, and make some mean cocktails, too.

Right in the heart of the Harbourside, Loose Cannon is a seriously stylish setting in which to enjoy some high quality cocktails. Forget the cheap, juice-filled, watery dishwater that so often masquerades as a cocktail these days – these drinks are decadent, delicious, and inventive. With highly trained bar staff who really know their stuff, making seasonal cocktails served in bespoke glassware, you're guaranteed to get something memorable.

For sophisticated drinks that will delight the senses, excite the tastebuds, and fill you with childlike glee at the incredibly creative concoctions on offer, look no further than Her Majesty's Secret Service on Whiteladies Road. Entering Her Majesty's Secret Service (or HMSS to those in the know) is a treat in its own right; look for a black door, and then nip through a phone box to enter. Yep, you read that right: a phone box. Once inside, soak up the amazing decor of this cocktail bar, abandon yourself to the barman’s clearly extensive wisdom, and sit back and enjoy the unlimited monkey nuts provided on the house while waiting for your drinks.

The North Street Standard is the second offering from the team behind the Urban Standard. Like it's older brother, it takes inspiration from the industrial-chic feel of New York's Lower East Side, with its effortlessly cool, understated space making it the perfect place to call in for a coffee, a three-course meal, and everything in between.

Within a beautiful, multipurpose red-brick building on the corner of Raleigh Road and North Street, lurks The Tobacco Factory. It's a vibrant, exciting place, with SO much going on: theatre, food, drink, music and more. You might have whiled away an evening at Tobacco Factory enjoying a drink or six before, or possibly even nipped for a pint before a theatre performance. However, did you know that The Tobacco Factory Café Bar is also the perfect spot to enjoy some relaxed and delicious food with friends? The vibe here is chilled out and low-key, with great music, delicious food, and excellent drinks. Tobacco Factory Café Bar serves up a varied menu which encompasses British and European classics, many of which the team have given an exciting, modern twist to, alongside timeless craft beers, wines and spirits.

The atmosphere in Brozen is as chilled out as the frozen cocktails you'll be sipping on – expect an eclectic playlist of excellent tunes and smiley, friendly service with none of the pomp and pretension that's so often a feature of high-end cocktail bars. Exposed wooden interiors and up-cycled tables and chairs lend a stripped-back Berlin-style feel to the place, whilst incredible artwork adorns the walls. Brozen is the perfect choice for quirky first dates, with the theatrical show underpinning the creation of liquid nitrogen-based frozen cocktails guaranteed to give you and your date plenty to talk about.

The Clockwork Rose is a quirky little cocktail bar that's a dream destination for cocktail lovers and steam punk fans alike. The eclectic decorations and unique interiors will draw you in, just begging you to snap a photo of them for your Instagram. It's their deliciously creative cocktail menu that'll make you stay though – expect inventive, intriguing, and downright mad cocktails that are as tasty and addictive as they are unusual.

A welcoming ‘sight for sore eyes’ situated at the top of Saint Michael’s Hill, The Robin Hood is a cosy pub bursting with charm and a fantastic selection of craft beer. Each brew is selected with care by manager Ben from some of Bristol’s best breweries, as well as a range of imports from around the world, making this the perfect place to settle in for a few weekend beers.

Old Market is one of Wriggle's favourite places to while away a morning, an afternoon, an evening or a night. You'll find that you'll go for one drink, and the next thing you know it'll be three in the morning and you're watching a great live band, or maybe a drag show. With great food and delicious local drinks, this is a proper Bristolian treasure.

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