10 Cardiff Food Bloggers You Should Be Following Right Now

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Cardiff has enjoyed somewhat of a gastronomy awakening in recent years, with independents springing up across the city as well as trendy microbreweries, innovative pop-ups, farmer’s markets and mini food festivals, crafting it slowly into the culinary capital it was destined to be. But how to properly navigate this vast array of eatery options you may wonder? You don’t want to spend you hard earned pennies on a plate of disappointment right? Fear not foodie fans, the Cardiff food bloggers are here to steer you in the right dining direction, [cue flashing lights and heroic-sounding music]. Here is a roundup of some of the best food bloggers in the city.


This no nonsense food blog is written by one man and his insatiable hunger as he searches for the best restaurants in Cardiff and beyond. Impartial, insightful and brilliantly written by with a wonderful wry sense of humour, it will definitely help you narrow down where to dine of a Friday evening. 


This award winning blog is definitely one for the ‘ethical eater’, with expertly written posts on food, sustainability, animal welfare, nature and the environment. There are also foodie guides and restaurant reviews on a range of places in Cardiff. The passion and indeed knowledge shines through in her every post and certainly provides a lot of food for thought on a range of topical foodie issues.


Food Blogs don’t come more cheerful than Fuud, with his informal, almost chatty style, “food is lush innit?’ Making this blog an entertaining and indeed a pleasant read. Fuud writes a range of reviews and champions pop ups and mid-range places that perhaps don’t get the attention they deserve. His finest hour was taking on notorious food critic Jay Rayner with an open letter and in a humourous Twitter exchange, after Rayner insulted Fuud’s beloved Cardiff foodie scene.


This blog is surely one of the most comprehensive in Cardiff, with an astonishing amount of well written and insightful reviews from across the city. A self-confessed ‘indiscriminate glutton’, with reviews from an array of different venues, budgets, neighborhoods and cuisines, Gourmet Gorro has built a stellar reputation over the years as being an absolute authority on where to eat out in Cardiff. 


Food blogger and Masterchef 2017 quarterfinalist, Kitchen Clonc, otherwise known as Imran Nathoo, is doing wonders for the Cardiff food scene. Whilst most bloggers merely critique food, Kitchen Clonc is now on the other side of the counter and started his own series of quirky and fun pop-ups in Cardiff. He still finds time to write informative and enjoyable blogs as he documents his journey to fast becoming an icon of the Cardiff culinary scene.


The Rare Welsh bit is an established Cardiff blogger and has built up an engaged audience as she documents her eating journey through Cardiff, South Wales and beyond. She also isn’t afraid to speak her mind and call out venues for serving below par food, making her posts refreshingly honest and indeed rather enjoyable.


The musings of a Cardiff based lawyer obsessed with food and wine, Soliciting Flavours is a popular and respected food blogger in Cardiff and writes with authority and expertise on a range of Cardiff restaurants and eateries. This is a man who knows both his food and his wine and is able to provide comprehensive reviews and recommendations on wine, which is somewhat of a rarity in food blogging.


Sarah is a Wriggle contributor, accomplished food writer and proof reader who has been documenting her journey into veganism on her blog Vegging It. If you want to try something meat free but also satisfying and delicious you need to be dipping into Sarah's fun and witty writing. Cruelty free never looked and tasted so good.


Rhidian Dafyddof Bwyta yn y Brifddinas is dear to our hearts as he helped us launch in Cardiff. His blog is written exclusively in Welsh (though your browser will translate if you need the help!) which makes it really stand out. Despite his not being as prolific as once was, Rhidian always entertains us with his to the point reviews that feel much like having a chat with a mate.  


Portia Jones is also a Cardiff based travel and food blogger. She has spent many years backpacking around the world getting into all kinds of mischief, normally whilst sipping a wine and taking a selfie. She now documents her adventures and her love of food on her blog Pip and the City and for various websites and publications. (NB we at Wriggle made sure she put herself in here because we think she is tip top)

As the foodie scene grows, so does the Cardiff blogosphere, with new food bloggers springing up on the scene, especially in the past year. Some of the newer food bloggers to check out are Charlie’s Chapter, MWSH, Tees and Cheese and Mac n Me, all adding awesome content that promotes Cardiff as a city that you can eat your way around. 

Portia Jones is a Blogger, content creator and aspiring Khaleesi. Read more of her stuff here, Twitter and Instagram

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