20 Sunday Roasts in Bristol that are as Good as Your Nan's

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So we need to clarify straight away - nothing can beat your Nan’s roast. If Tom Kerridge served me a Sunday Roast and asked me “Is that better than your Nan’s?”, I’d just stare at him with a blank, cold expression. His question wouldn't even dignify a response. 

No. Actually, I would respond. “Kerridge you clown,” I’d say “My Nan’s roast comes from 40 years of refinement and dedication. Your Michelin stars mean nothing in this arena”. He would nod, knowingly, aware that he had been rightfully vanquished. Silly Tom. 

Now that we’ve laid these ground rules, it must be acknowledged that there are chefs out there whose Sunday Roasts will, possibly, with a good tail wind and the right weather, come within a whisker of your Nan’s. A big portion of flavourful meat (or how about a vegan haggis for you meat-free mavericks?) as the centre piece. A plentiful supply of golden roast potatoes that are fluffy in the middle and crispy on the outside, piled high to soak up that rich, intense gravy that the whole plate is smothered in. Veg that hasn’t been treated as an after-thought, and of course, a whopping, great big Yorkshire pud crowning the plate. We are drooling just thinking about it all. 

Go forth, hungry Bristolian, knowing full well that your Sunday Roast cravings will be 99.99% satisfied with our top picks. Maybe take your Nan as well?

Bar 44 needs little introduction. They have received national attention and admiration for their Spanish-influenced dishes, and although it might sound unorthodox, their Spanish inspired Sunday roast is absolutely heavenly. It's a sharing style roast, so summon a pal and tuck into a choice of either overnight sidra roast Belly pork, morcilla (it's a bit like black pudding), apple and roasting juice, or sirloin of 45 day dry aged Hereford beef, chorizo Yorkshire pudding and roasting juices. Both choices come with roast bravas potatoes, jamón fat, thyme, garlic truffled Manchego cauliflower cheese, Heritage carrots, hazelnut, aubergine, Tenderstem broccoli, kale and piquillo peppers – what a feast!

In our book, Sunday is the day of rest, the day of indulgence, and the day of mighty fine feasting – this Wriggle from The Ox Corn Street ticks all those boxes and more. Potter down to the centre of town and treat yourself to the ultimate early Sunday lunchtime treat: a beautiful beef Sunday roast and a glass of wine. Famed for serving some of the best steaks in the city, it's no surprise that The Ox also offers one hell of a Sunday roast – think succulent roast beef, perfectly risen homemade Yorkshires and all the trimmings.

An absolute institution in both Bristol's culinary and theatrical scenes, we can't get enough of the Alma Tavern and Theatre – one of the best pubs in Bristol. Part of the legendary Zazu's Kitchen gang (you've no doubt enjoyed a pint or four at the Greenbank, or some delicious world-inspired tapas at Rosa in Clifton), expect a cosy, family-friendly atmosphere that suffuses a veritable rabbit's warren of hidden, cosy corners, board games, a stunning beer garden, and brilliant food, drink, and theatre. Their cracking roast comes complete with lashings o' gravy, enormous Yorkies, and juicy, pink beef... if you're that way inclined.

Complete your Sunday with a magnificent roast made by the hands of angels. Once there you can choose either a vegan (mushroom and lentil loaf), beef or pork belly roast. Served with crunchy roast potatoes, all the delicious vegetable trimmings we know and love, a fluffy Yorkshire pudding and flavourful gravy – vegan gravy also available. At The Canteen you can expect local and ethical supplied foods, sourced as sustainable as possible. Great food and good conscious, now that's what we call a tremendous meal!

Right then, Wrigglers. We want to get you out of the city - to enjoy the beautiful countryside around Bristol. With this Wriggle - you can pootle a swift 30-minute drive to lovely Blagdon, just south of Bristol - and enjoy a fabulous carvery roast (made with love by the good folk at the Queen Adelaide) and a bracing countryside walk.

The best part of a Sunday is the roast dinner that comes with it, don't you agree? Make your way over to The Kingsdown Vaults and nab yourself a beautiful, flavourful and properly delicious plate of Sunday goodness. Mains on offer are Beef, Lamb or vegan lentil loaf.

Hidden on the long, long Kellaway Avenue is The Gloucester Old Spot pub and within its freshly painted walls is a top-notch roast! Head on over this Sunday and take your pick from their fabulous menu. Choose from Slow Roasted Beef Silverside, Rolled Belly Of Pork or Puy Lentil & Mushroom Nut Roast all served with braised red cabbage, hasselback carrots, piccolo parsnips, seasonal greens and Yorkshire pudding.

Winter is finally here which can only mean one thing: it's roast time! Head over to the cosy and comfortable Shakespeare pub in lovely old Totterdown for a Sunday feast that is big on flavour and creates zero washing up. Choose any of these mouth-watering home-cooked mains - Corn-Fed Beef Silverside, Cider-Braised Pork Loin, Guinness & Honey Marinated Lamb Leg or their Signature Vegan Pie.

Bedminster’s finest pulls out all the stops to ensure they remain the undisputed champions of Bedminster roast dinners. Serving a comprehensive and regularly changing menu, everyone is catered for, including those oft-forgotten vegans. Expect beautifully cooked pink beef, confit chicken with crispy skin, golden roasties and rich, unctuous red wine gravy. Desserts are rich and stodgy (and therefore the correct finishing flourish to any Sunday Roast) and the bar is stocked with a plentiful supply of banging local beers and spirits. The Old Bookshop ensure the roast is an event, not just a meal.

1766 serves up fantastic flavours set against the backdrop of the oldest continuously working theatre in the English-speaking world. The iconic theatre – Bristol Old Vic – has recently undergone a massive refurbishment of its front of house, revealing the original theatre façade which dates back to 1766. This beautiful backdrop is now home to 1766 bar and kitchen, where head chef Coco Barone is leading the culinary way with style. The roasts are a firm Wriggle favourite already, with one member of the team going back two weeks on the trot, they loved it that much.

Another good spot for the herbivores in your party, the Gallimaufry has made some fantastic menu changes in recent months to include a fantastic array of vegan options. Alongside the usual Sunday fodder, which often includes something a little left field (if the venison haunch is in season, it's an absolute joy), there's also a selection of mouth-watering mains and small plates if a roast doesn’t tickle your fancy. All the meats come with their own perfectly paired extras, a Yorkie with beef, bread sauce with chicken and you can request extras with no problem or questions asked about your unusual tastes... Enjoy your meal either outside whilst people watching, in the bar or in the mezzanine dining area. The Bloody Marys are pretty good too!

Going from strength to strength over the years, the Old Market Assembly has proved to be a big hit with the veggie and vegan crowd in Bristol, thanks to its inventive and spectacular menus. On a Sunday, expect delights such as saddleback pork belly or mushroom nut roast, with a roaring fire in their wood burner to keep things toasty inside when it's cold, and one of Bristol's best roof terraces when the weather warms up. The OMA team love local produce, so you can expect everything from the beer to the food to have been sourced as closely to the pub as possible – just the way we like it.

Slap bang in the centre of town, this gem is tucked away behind the back of the Lanes on John St. Renowned for being one of the best roasts in the city (and the Bristol Good Food Award Sunday Roast winner for 2018!), it’s highly advised that you book ahead to ensure your spot among other hungry revellers – at the time of writing, the Bank is booked up for roasts until the distant future... Offering a three course menu of food that often includes locally sourced game, seasonal vegetables and the biggest pud this side of Yorkshire, the Bank will only charge you an astonishingly reasonable £14.95 for three courses. No where else can you eat like this and still get change from a £20 note!

Another​ ​firm​ ​favourite​ ​among​ ​roast​ ​connoisseurs in Bristol,​ ​this​ ​brilliantly bijoux​ ​establishment​ ​in​ ​Kingsdown comes​ ​highly​ ​recommended​ ​by​ ​all​ ​who​ ​try​ ​it,​ ​so​ ​again,​ ​it's​ ​best​ ​if​ ​you​ ​book​ ​ahead before attempting a visit​ ​The​ ​small kitchen​ ​turns​ ​out​ ​some​ ​unusual but fabulous​ ​meat​ ​options​ ​(partridge,​ ​anyone?)​ ​and​ ​there’s​ ​always something​ ​properly satisfying​ ​to​ ​keep​ ​vegetarians​ ​happy. Also sporting one of the best gin selections in the city, you'd be best be careful you don't end up half cut before the food gets to you!

If you’re looking for a Michelin star-approved roast dinner then make a pilgrimage to the Pony & Trap, located just outside the city in the breathtakingly beautiful Chew Magna. Three courses will set you back a slightly eye-watering £35, but with a mouth-watering selection of local produce on offer it’s certain to be one of the best roasts of your life. In winter you can nab a spot by the fire and enjoy a very nice bottle of red, then get someone else to drive you home, and you've got yourself a very fine afternoon out of the city.

The best choice for roast lovers looking for something a little bit different, the Cauldron has been making ripples in the Bristol food scene since opening its doors. Their wood-fired roast dinners are served with all the delicious accoutrements that you'd expect from a roast, only they taste like nothing else you have tried, since every part of the meal takes on the taste of the flames and smoke which cook the freshly sourced ingredients. The gravy is an absolute game changer, too, skilfully cooked and reduced over a four-day period of reduction. This incredible take on the Sunday lunch can be followed by a brilliant pud selection if you’ve got room, with a stellar choice for vegans, too. Flame on!

I mean, just look at it! Beautiful roast dinners served waterside, and piled high with all manner of perfectly cooked ingredients – this place is just heaven. We can't think of anything better than heaps of pink, roast beef, crisp and fluffy roasties, cauliflower cheese oozing with punchy cheddar sauce and the obligatory a glass of wine, all while watching the light fade over the harbour. Perfect.

We at Wriggle love The Hillgrove and are often torn between shouting about it from the rafters and wanting to keep this brilliant pub to ourselves so we are guaranteed a seat. Never the less we can't do a top Sunday roast article and not mention this most wonderful of establishments. They don't start serving til after 4pm which means that even the most lazy Sunday-ers are catered for – and sometimes, the hangover is so bad on a Sunday that you can't realistically get out of bed until this time. Plates are served piled high and with an entire bulb of roasted garlic. Each clove ends up caramelised, soft and sticky and perfect for spreading on potatoes. Also, just look at that crackling....

Family owned and proving itself in an often crowded food scene in the city, The Malago is making waves on the online roast chats. You know somewhere is nailing their offering when people rave about the sides more than the main event (in this case, the cheesy leeks seems to have stolen the hearts of many a patron) but don't be fooled into thinking that the rest isn't worth writing home about. Served beautifully presented, you can expect melt in the mouth meat, perfect, massive Yorkie puds and plenty of fresh veg all bathing together in a lovely gravy. Definitely one to add to the list.

This Church Road establishment is a bit of a "dark horse" when it comes to its roast reputation. Alongside the usual, delicious-looking meaty offering is an absolutely killer veggie haggis, plus there’s the option of a mini dinner in a bowl for your four-legged friends – which is obviously the greatest thing that's ever happened! After you have stuffed yourself full to bursting, relax by the fire or have a stomp around St Georges Park opposite to work off that slightly painful feeling that tends to follow a roast... or is that just us and our over enthusiastic approach to eating?

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