12 Amazing Vegetarian & Vegan Burgers in Bristol 2020

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Bristol's burger game is indisputably strong, with an abundance of top-notch burger joints stretching from Fishponds to Bedminster. But some restaurants are guilty of focussing too much on their meat menu and not enough on their vegetarian and vegan burgers; essentially leaving your veggie eating bud with the option of a bland bean burger.

We say that's not enough! We don't want a round, squishy bean sandwich as our only choice! We went forth into the Bristol burger scene to sniff out the venues that are giving some love to their vegetarian menu with thick, juicy patties and exciting flavour combos. 

Asado give the veggie burgers the same treatment, love and respect as it's meaty brethren and it shows. Here they smoke the peppers slowly over their fire grill then chop in half and fill with mozzarella. Then they soak the stuffed peppers in butter milk, bread crumb then deep fry! This cheesy delight in then packed into a brioche, seeded burger bun and topped with a zinging and pesto mayo and lettuce. Asado won't let you settle for less.

Burger Joint have truly democratised the burger-creation process and offer non meat eaters FOUR choices of patty, alongside a plethora of heavenly toppings and sauces. The Veggie is mixed roast vegetables, butternut squash, couscous and a bit of peanut butter, a heavenly combo then coated in breadcrumbs. The Vegan is the same, only minus the egg and breadcrumb outer. The Mushroom is a delightful number of chopped button and portobello mushroom cooked up into a patty with garlic and mixed herbs, whilst the Beetroot offers grated beetroot and feta cheese put into a patty. Stick as many toppings and sauces as you like on it, choose your bun and away you go!


Vx has turned preconceptions about veganism being a healthy lifestyle choice on their head by opening a junk food cafe in Bedminster. Gone are the quinoa salads, steamed vegetables and avocado chocolate mousse and in are burgers, hotdogs, cookies and breakfast sandwiches fit for a white van man's wildest hungover dreams. Wrap your gob around a handmade wheat burger patty, Vegan Mayo, Mustard, Ketchup, tomatoes, gherkin and salad in a toasted bread bun plus an optional slice of melted vegan cheese. Tell me that doesn't sound better than a Big Mac from Bemmy Asda's Maccy D's?

Smoke & Glaze is a nod to shared passions for Southern American cuisine. All their food reflects a shared passion for Cajun/creole cuisine. In the interests of fairness to all they have not only a veggie burger but a vegan burger too – what cherubs. The "Big Cheese" is a slab of halloumi smothered in chimichurri dressing, pickles, sumac mayo and Cajun ketchup. The vegan counterpart is a juicy garlic and thyme portobello mushroom topped with beetroot black pudding, tomato relish, ranch dressing and a blog of spiced ketchup. Welcome to flavour town.

Dinner and a cracking view is whats on the menu at Mud Dock cafe. Whether your bag is river views or people hanging out in lycra, your meat free lunch is going to keep you fueled. A puffy seeded bun encapsulates a spicy Mexican bean burger which is turn is topped with spicy guacamole and cooling lime yogurt. Chuck in the thick cut chips and you have yourselves a winner.

Rory's Best Ever Veggie Cheese Burger makes up in flavour (and cheese) what it lacks in modesty. It all starts with a beautiful brioche bun, then it's gloriously dressed with mayo, lettuce, tomato and red onion. Now the veggie fun starts: a crunchy tofu and quinoa burger with smoked cheddar, halloumi, house pickles, Dijon mustard and house ketchup. Vegan? Don't worry they have the plenty for you in the form of the Dirty Hippy and Southern Hippy Burgers!

Who said Vegans can't have delicious junk food? Burger maniacs, Oowee Diner have branched out, and have now opened their very own Vegan diner in the heart of town, over on Baldwin Street. They've taken the task of twisting what we define as vegan food, turning wholesome clean eating on its head and bringing us sizzling portions of plus-plus-sized, plant-based dirty food. Stuff your face with some ridiculously portioned fries and finger licking good burgers at Oowee Vegan!

Have you got a craving for something big and juicy between two pillow-soft buns, but that isn't made of meat? We have just the ticket! The Vegan Del Rey Cheeseburger from Quay Street Diner is made using the incredible new Moving Mountains B12 Burger (have a read about it online if you haven't yet – it's pretty impressive!) and is garnished with baby gem, red onion, tomato, pickle, house sauce & fries (VG). Served with golden fries and paired with a soft drink of your choice, we would say that was a mighty plant powered meal!

Pioneers of Bristol's vegan food scene, the lovely folk at Cafe Kino have been serving up delicious healthy food in Stokes Croft since 2004. And their epic vegan burgers get rave reviews. The Satay burger is our favourite, slathered in fragrant peanut sauce with fresh salad and a spicy secret recipe salsa.

Check out Hubbox's diverse & delicious choice of vegan & vegetarian options. The provenance of the food has become a staple for Hubbox. It combines the fresh flavours of the South West with the mouth-watering style of American street food. There’s no denying, it tastes damn fine! Their veggie burger, quaintly named Betsy, is a mouthwatering combo of falafel, garlic & coriander mayo and roasted red pepper.

Amigos, feeling spicy today? Pay a visit to La Yaya, the lovely pop up at Steam up in Clifton, and experience the chef's very own mouth-watering Malagan family recipes. You'll tuck into your favourite grub, with a unique Spanish twist - a real treat! We recommend tucking into the Hamburgesa Vegetal - Portobello mushroom in panko with roasted red peppers, caramelized onion and halloumi cheese topped with watercress, fries and slaw.

The Wriggle team’s favourite burger joint, where the concept is simple: great US-style burgers and an ever changing and extensive range of craft beers and ciders – contained within its picturesque Harbourside spot. The Veggie Mountain Burger is about as good as it gets, teriyaki marinated flat mushroom topped with a double stack of potato rosti, Emmental cheese, crispy onions, gherkins and American mustard. Ding, dong!

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