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Hello and welcome to the new look Wriggle! Our team has been busy doing what we do best, working hard to discover unique independent food and drink companies that stand out from the crowd. It’s been a genuine joy getting out there, speaking to people and finding products that make us go phwoar. 

Before we launched the Wriggle hamper collection, we were working closely with independent restaurants, bars and cafes to help them reach new customers through our own little app. We see this latest venture as an extension of that, allowing customers to be introduced to new products, and allowing them to give on point gifts. There is no better feeling than giving a gift that you think someone is going to love, and knowing that you have nailed it.

From the off we knew that people eat with their eyes and wanted each hamper in our collection to look impeccable. We found that the market was full of classic wicker baskets, and whilst we love receiving great foodie gifts, we imagined that things could be much more interesting than this. We worked with illustrator Coco Bayley on our sleeve design, immediately falling for her exuberant style which aligned seamlessly with the direction we were going in. It was one of those excellent YES moments we’re so fond of here. 

Coco’s work was key to our rebrand, from the box sleeves to custom tissue paper, postcards and tape, we wanted the entire unboxing experience to feel special. That feeling when you’re signing for a parcel and you secretly hope the neighbours are watching because whatever you’re receiving looks fabulous and therefore by default makes you feel fabulous too. When it’s almost too pretty to open, but you can’t wait to see what's inside, so you do it layer by layer like you’re playing pass the parcel with yourself (just me there?). 

With our new offering, gifting is at the heart of everything we do. Now, we understand that it’s 2021 and it’s more than OK to buy yourself a hamper and sit at home and devour it we well and truly respect that. We also understand how important it is when you are busy or far away to be able to order a gift with confidence for those that you love, work with, or just about tolerate but are duty-bound to send a present to. Our small team hand pack all of our hampers and gift boxes from Wriggle's home in Bristol, using 100% recyclable packaging. For those that want to add a personal note, we hand write each and every postcard with a message to your or your giftee, knowing that it’s personal touches like this that help people know you’re thinking of them when you can’t be there. We sweat the small stuff, so you don’t have to.  

From birthdays and housewarmings to wedding celebrations and anniversaries, our range of hampers are designed for all occasions and feature only carefully selected products from impeccable craft brands. Whilst we wanted each hamper as a whole to look incredible, we knew that appearances alone weren't going to be enough. That’s why we scoured food festivals, local delis, Great Taste Awards, independent markets, and sampled sampled sampled. It was a tough job, but we took great pride in making sure that every single product we put in them was up to the high bar we had set. All killer products, no filler products. 

We hope that these hampers and gift boxes will open up the market to a new era of gifting, a contemporary take on a timeless classic.

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