The Wriggle Guide to Picking the Perfect Present

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When it comes to gifting, the hardest part can be coming up with the initial theme or idea to go with, especially when the person in question is one of those people who has everything. The older we get the more likely it is that if we like something, we’ll just buy it for ourselves. So how do you find a gift that has use, isn’t surplus to requirement, you know they’ll love and isn’t just a gift for gifts sake?


Give yourself time. The earlier you start planning the more likely you will find something that isn’t an afterthought, or seems that way. Set alerts in your calendar in advance of important occasions to remind yourself to start looking. 

Coming up with what to gift

Depending how well you know the person, choosing something that you’d love to receive yourself can be as good a starting point as any. Another idea is to keep a gifting list on your phone and if anything comes up in conversation, you see something when you’re together or an idea pops up as an advert on your phone, note it down. If it’s something that you’ve spotted online, copy across the website too 一 it can be really frustrating trying to find the same product again. Even if their birthday is months away and the idea has lost relevance by the time the gift is required, it can act as a great way to generate ideas and will make you seem extremely thoughtful if you produce something you once talked about together. It might also be that one of these ideas actually works well for someone else you need to give to too. 

Make sure your gift is in line with their beliefs 一 a well intended gift may come across ill thought out if you’ve forgotten something like they’re vegan or don’t drink alcohol. Luckily, these days there’s a plethora of exquisite alternatives so people who fall into these categories don’t feel like they are short changed. Including a new and unique item in your gift can not only make you look extremely considerate, but also give the impression that you are in the know and great at discovering what’s on trend. Winners all round. 

How much to spend

When it comes to how much to spend, again it really depends on your relationship with the person. Spending more than they would on you can come across over the top, and make the giftee feel awkward or uncomfortable, which is the exact opposite of what you hope to achieve! However, if they are either an employee, client or younger relative this is probably less true. 

How to keep it sustainable 

Consumable gifts are generally a fail-safe option for many occasions; gifts that people can enjoy and get used up are generally more sustainable and less likely to be re-gifted too. Perfect for both personal and corporate situations, food and drink hampers are the kind of thing that you are less likely to buy for yourself, but generally include all kinds of treats you always wish you had in. Our hampers are carefully curated with all this in mind, and take the pressure out of gifting. 

Keeping it personal 

Offering hand written gift cards and next day delivery nationwide, we also are on hand to deal with any of your last minute gifting emergencies! 

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