The Wriggle Christmas Drinks Guide

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Each of our hampers have been carefully curated and include some incredible discoveries, aiming to introduce you to some seriously stylish brands and delightful drinks. 

Whether you’re a household who start with Bucks Fizz at first light, or a family who waits for the Queen’s Speech before cracking open the Egg Nog, over at Wriggle we’ve got you covered for every moment of your festive break 一 including non-alcoholic tipples for those off the booze.  


Bianco Vino Frizzante by INT3GRAL3  

The low alcohol content makes INT3GRAL3’s fine sparkling wines easy to drink, fresh- tasting and the perfect day drink. Made with ancient indigenous varieties of white grapes grown in volcanic soil, their unfiltered wines reflect historic wine-making traditions yet feel incredibly modern. Ideal with cold cuts and grazing platters, this also goes well with cakes and pastry, making it particularly enjoyable with your afternoon spread. 

Bianco Vino Frizzante by INT3GRAL3 can be found in The Sundowner Hamper, The Merry Little Christmas Hamper and The Natural Wine Selection.


Paloma Cocktail by Black Lines 

The Paloma is the most popular and well-loved cocktail in Mexico, ahead of the Margarita. Translated from Spanish as ‘Dove’, it is fresh, zingy and will get you flying at any festive get together. Black Lines create it in the same way it was originally intended, combining Tequila Blanco with their house Grapefruit Soda and a pinch of Maldon Sea Salt, so it’s guaranteed to get the party started. 

Paloma Cocktail by Black Lines can be found in The Christmas Cheer Hamper and The Glad Tidings Hamper


Gran Cerdo Tinto by Gonzalo Gonzalo 

A natural Rioja with an unoaked, medium body that is vibrant and packed full of fresh, ripe black fruits. Vinified in stainless steel using natural yeasts, this unfiltered unfined wine is everything you’d want from a classic red. The maker, Gonzalo Gonzalo has always done things differently, ignoring the trends of the region and refraining from using chemical treatments and intervention in his winery in North Spain. This crowd pleaser will go down a treat alongside your Christmas Dinner with all the trimmings. 

Gran Cerdo Tinto by Gonzalo Gonzalo can be found in our Wine & Nibbles Hamper, The Celebration Hamper, The Larder Than Life Hamper, The Christmas Cheer Hamper, and The Red Wine Selection.

Prosecco Frizzante “Spagorosso” by Domenico de Bertiol 

This delicious dry, semi sparkling Prosecco is an arms stretch away from the overly fizzy and sweet stuff. Produced in the historical Prosecco area, on the hills of Treviso in north-east Italy, this wine has a lovely light aromatic, ripe fruit and floral nose with a bright a lively finish. If you’re one for fizz on Christmas morning then this is perfect bottle to start you day. 

Prosecco Frizzante “Spagorosso” by Domenico de Bertiol can be found in our Fizz & Nibbles Hamper, The Celebration Hamper, The Larder Than Life Hamper, The Ode To Joy Hamper, The Christmas Cheer Hamper, and The Glad Tidings Hamper

Ottavio Rube Rosso by Cooperativa Valli Unite

This natural red has flavours of fresh crunchy cherries alongside a deep spice, making it an excellent wine to enjoy with your festive evening cheese boardHailing from the Piedmont region in North Italy, it is hand harvested at an organic vineyard made up of three growers that have been operating for three decades. Cement vats are used to ferment the wines with natural yeasts which are then transferred to old barrels to soften and mature, and it’s this natural production method results in this wine being very low in sulphur. 

Ottavio Rube Rosso can be found in our Ode to Joy Hamper, The Glad Tidings Hamper, The Red Wine Selection, and the Mixed Wine Selection


Negroni by Black Lines 

Wriggle favourites Black Lines make Christmas cocktail hour easy with their no fuss pre-mixed cocktails, leaving you more time to work the room. Their excellent take on the classic Negroni is made with ELLC London Dry Gin, Campari and Spanish Sweet Vermouth, making it a superior choice for either Christmas Eve, or if you the have restraint to save it, New Years Eve. 

Black Lines cocktails can be found in The Negroni & Nibbles Hamper, The Christmas Cheer Hamper and The Glad Tidings Hamper


Dry White Aperitif by Æcorn 

For those not drinking, Æcorn have got you covered with delicious herbal concoctions styled on more traditional cocktails. Æcorn’s Dry White Pale is verdant in colour with a fresh, floral nose, and is bone dry with green herbaceous notes of Nettle, Gentian, Clary Sage and Chamomile, a sort of take on a botanical gin. Informed by 17th century English herbal remedies and inspired by the European aperitif tradition, the Æcorn collection is made from 100% English grown Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Meunier grapes. These grapes are pressed early and blended with appetite stimulating herbs, roots and bitter botanicals to create a range of complex, bold and bitter non-alcoholic aperitifs. Because of this they can also be enjoyed anytime of the day, by any member of the family!

Æcorn drinks can be found in The Clear Headed Hamper and The Vegan Alcohol-Free Hamper.

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