The Psychology of Giving

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How To Get That Given-A-Great-Gift Feeling

‘It’s better to give than receive’ is one of those things we hear time and time again, but there is actually some science behind it. We actually get a release of dopamine when giving gifts, and knowing that it is a gift the recipient is going to enjoy can only increase this. Obviously knowing the recipient very well helps with choosing a great gift, but choosing a neutral gift which isn’t something you would normally treat yourself to is also a safe starting point.

There's a reason candles, flowers and wine are such popular gift items - they are delightful to receive and also consumable, which means that even if they are not exactly to your taste they won't awkwardly sit around for long! They are easy to give and come in such a wide range that they can pretty much meet any budget and taste. 

Food and drink gifts have a similar appeal and our range of hampers tick a lot of those boxes. We’ve attempted to reimagine the classic hamper, to create a contemporary collection of products that won’t end up at the back of the cupboards. Seeking out decadent and stylish produce from interesting independent businesses, we’ve curated these hampers with you and your giftee’s in mind, so you can get that given-a-great-gift feeling and benefit from the dopamine from that in the process!

As humans, giving and receiving has been integral to our survival since the beginning of time, and has been vital for forming relationships and building trust. It’s the classic ‘I’ll look after you and you’ll after me’ philosophy. While we don’t give to receive, it inevitably helps someone think more highly of us if we’ve gifted them something remarkable. When you can’t be with someone in person, sending them something through the post is a great way to let them know you are thinking of them 一 the options of what you can send have grown phenomenally over the years! 

From lasagna and bacon sandwiches to at home spa treatments and in house theatre experiences, remote gifting has never been so popular. When we’ve been forced to be apart from those that we love, people have become very creative at finding ways to cheer each other up. The surprise of receiving something through the post can be exciting no matter what the item, especially when it comes in beautiful packaging. At Wriggle we took time developing our packaging and branding to make our recipients' unboxing experience as enjoyable as possible, knowing that when it comes to wrapping gifts every detail counts towards the experience. With a range of hampers to suit a variety of tastes and customisable corporate offerings, food and drink hampers are a fail safe way of giving a gift that will be used, enjoyed and remembered.

Our hampers are also available for next day delivery, meaning that if you’ve left it to the last minute we can sort you out and ensure you get those brownie points every time, alongside that well earned given-a-great-gift feeling.

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