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Here at Wriggle we take pleasure in personally seeking out unique products that we think you’ll love. Our handpicked products come from a wide variety of suppliers, each with their own story to tell and their own way of doing things. We want to share with you what helps make them stand out, because behind every great gift is a great story. We want everybody who receives one of our hampers in the post to feel the essence of that, and understand the significance of each product we’ve included.

In the fourth in our Meet the Maker series, we meet Alex from Pirrip Press and discover how they make stand out greetings cards. 

Is there a story behind your name, Pirrip?

'Pirrip' is the surname of Pip from 'Great Expectations',  and that's what we had when we started the business! It’s also a palindrome which is neat.

How did your company start? 

The company was started by, and is still run by, George and I (Alex). We collaborated on some projects after doing our illustration MA’s at Falmouth University, working on a book and some zines. We were both making and selling prints and other illustrated ephemera at events we set up with friends, markets and gift fairs etc., and then started the company in 2012.

What's a fun fact about your product?

Several of our cards have smiling faces on them (smiling sun, a happy bat and a friendly flower) and it's impossible not to smile at the cards while you're printing them. I don't know how fun that is but it's nice and certainly makes printing something 200 times over nicer!

When developing your product, what was important to you?

We want to make sure our products stand out, are well designed, and could work for lots of occasions and audiences. We also obviously want to limit our environmental impact as much as possible so make sure we're using recycled or fsc assured card, water based ink, and we recycle packaging and limit waste. 

What's a typical day in your business?

I usually start the day with packing online orders and orders from stockists, then cycle them to the post office a few times a week. We have a bricks and mortar shop slash workshop in the Christmas Steps Arts Quarter area in Bristol, so if it’s a shop day one of us is in there, screen printing stock and serving customers. If there's no printing to be done we are designing stuff on the computer and getting on with the admin.

What's the best gift you ever received?

That's a tricky question! I don't know if it is the best (and Christmas is coming up so I'm keeping my options open!) but when we were kids a family friend always used to 'adopt' animals for my sister and I, like a sponsored pet I guess. We had orca whales, dormice, horses and hedgehogs at various sanctuaries across the country in our names!

Pirrip Press Cards are available to add on to any of our hampers or gift boxes, and our team can either hand write your gift message inside, or send it blank for you to write yourself.

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