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Here at Wriggle we take pleasure in personally seeking out unique products that we think you’ll love. Our handpicked products come from a wide variety of suppliers, each with their own story to tell and their own way of doing things. We want to share with you what helps make them stand out, because behind every great gift is a great story. We want everybody who receives one of our hampers in the post to feel the essence of that, and understand the significance of each product we’ve included.

In the third in our Meet the Maker series, we meet Hannah from Cake Stories and talk about how they mastered making letterbox sized brownies and cakes. 

Is there a story behind your name, Cake Stories?

We're called Cake Stories because we love seeing how so many moments in life are made better with cake!  Birthdays, weddings, reunions, catch-ups, heart-to-hearts, even sad times we love helping people mark those moments in their stories and connect with each other!

How did your company start? 

Our Letterbox Bakes were started by Hannah and Ben, off the back of Cake Stories' coffee shop and cake business (run with Hannah's parents).  We started it during the national lockdown, when we found ourselves with extra time (and no income!) on our hands, believing that everyone should be able to send great cake to loved ones... and it grew from there!

What's a fun fact about your product?

Fun fact: Callum Wilson (Newcastle United striker) said in an interview about his scoring streak that our Jammy Biscoff Blondie is his weakness and perhaps the reason for all those goals!

When developing your product, what was important to you?

The quality of the product and of the recipient's experience was the absolute most important thing to us, and is throughout all of Cake Stories!  Top ingredients, meticulously developed recipes (until that "mmm, that's it!" moment), bakes handmade without cutting corners, and all presented in fun packaging which is environmentally responsible.

What's a typical day in your business?

Our days start early and whilst our coffee & cake shops play host to many different people throughout the daytimes and evenings, our Bakehouse across town is a hubbub of activity too! From the baking teams on the go in the kitchen, singing and shimmying to all sorts of music as they bake, to the operations team working on order fulfilment and the design team upstairs, working away at new ideas, flavours and recipes.  There's always plenty going on and lots of amazing smells wafting through the building!

What's the best gift you ever received?

We think the best gifts are the 'just-because-I-was-thinking-about-you' ones, but Ben's best gift was from Hannah, when she broke all the rules and bought him a surprise ginger kitten for Christmas. Indie has been a much-loved (and extremely mischievous) part of the family ever since!

Cake Stories' Brownios and Proper Lush boxes are available through our site.

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