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Here at Wriggle we take pleasure in seeking out unique products with that je ne sais quoi to include in our hampers. Our handpicked products come from a wide variety of suppliers, each with their own story to tell and their own way of doing things. We want to share with you what helps make them stand out, because behind every great gift is a great story. We want everybody who receives one of our hampers in the post to feel the essence of that, and understand the significance of each product we’ve included.

In the first in our Meet the Maker series, we meet the people behind Black Lines, who create phenomenal bottled cocktails.

Is there a story behind your name, Black Lines?

Black Lines (1913) was the name of one of the first ever pieces of Abstract art by an artist called Wassily Kandinsky. We see cocktails on tap and cocktails in bottles as a new and exciting movement in the drinks space and one that is going to move things forward in the same way abstractionism changed the landscape of art.

How did your company start? 

We started the business two years ago in East London. We set out with a simple goal: to make fantastic cocktails more accessible. An alternative answer to an age old expectation.  We now have a dedicated production facility in Tottenham where we do all of our own production. The business was previously called Hingston & Co. but we recently did a full rebrand to Black Lines. Casey Sorenson & Kuleen Khimasia are the original founders of the brand.

What's a fun fact about your product?

It may look like all of our bottles were illustrated by the same artist, though we actually commissioned 9 different illustrators to characterise each serve. We believe every cocktail has its own personality, therefore they deserve their own flair from a specific artist. We are also only a group of 7 employees! Small team, big dreams.

When developing your product, what was important to you?

The strength of our product comes from patience. Quality of serve is paramount for us - we stay true to classic recipes, tweak every serve until it’s perfect, even if it takes years. We work with some brillIant distilleries and brands across our range, including Chase, East London Liquor Company, Campari and Aperol. We also work with a number of local fruit producers to ensure our serves are as fresh as possible. There it is, patience and perfection!

What's a typical day in your business?

Pandemonium. Joking, but as a small team, we are pretty hands on everything we do so busy times can be very busy! From liquid production all the way down to bottle designs, we do everything in house. Some of the team work from home, some of the team are on foot and some of the team are based at the factory in Tottenham.

What's the best gift you ever received?

First time we've been asked that! As a drinks company we get given many delicious drinks to try from our contemporaries. Something & Nothing, Jarr Kombucha, ELLC etc. Though the best gift we've received is hearing feedback from people that have enjoyed our products. Nothing beats a good thank you directly from the customer when they've had a good cocktail.

Black Lines cocktails are featured in our Negroni & Nibbles Hamper, The Christmas Cheer Hamper and The Glad Tidings Hamper. 

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