How To Get Your Corporate Gifting All Wrapped Up

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We’re here to shake up the scene of corporate gifting, keep things simple for you and help sort all of the logistics of putting together exceptional gifts for your team. With a bespoke service offering everything from customisable merch to handwritten cards, we’re a one stop shop when it comes to work perks. 

We offer both off-the-shelf and fully personalised gifts to suit a variety of tastes, dietary requirements and occasions, meaning you can gift with confidence and without any hassle. 

Supporting unique and independent suppliers, we work hard to curate exceptional gift boxes and hampers to make your team feel appreciated. 

Why Hampers?

From a sustainability angle, consumable gifts are a fail safe way to give generously whilst knowing that your gift will be fully enjoyed and used up, rather than the potential of them sitting around taking up space in the recipient's house gathering dust. In a world where we’re trying to reduce our waste, practical gifts like food and drink can have an essence of luxury whilst serving a function. We wrap our hampers beautifully in 100% recyclable packaging, giving our customers a clear conscience whilst helping to reduce landfill.

Sending a delectable selection of treats to arrive at someone’s door is a surefire way of bringing a smile to their face, and owing to the variety in our range you can find the appropriate level of gift for the occasion and budget. 

Finding the balance between branding and beauty

While we all give gifts for the recipient to enjoy and not for our own self-satisfaction, there is a great feeling that comes with the knowledge you’ve given a great gift. The big question when it comes with corporate gifting is how branded to make the gift - and this depends on the occasion in question. Well branded gifts have the chance to help teams feel more connected to their company, proud to work there and can also act as an advertising agent to promote the organisation and show it to be a fun and appreciative place to work, and increase other peoples brand awareness. Over brand a gift and it has the potential to put people off and suggest it’s more about you than them! Our team of advisers are on hand to guide you through the process and help you get the balance right every time; they are able to work with you on designs for packaging, notebooks, keep cups and branded products that fit the ethos of your company. 

The Process 

Our dedicated business team treat each and every inquiry as a unique project, allowing our corporate customers to design and develop their product with as much or as little input as they wish, in the knowledge that in any case their team will end up with thoughtful and delicious gifts to remember. Read more about the process here

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