Christmas Wrapping Guide

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Giving a christmas gift that is expertly wrapped can hugely change a recipient's opinions of it, as first impressions do really count when it comes to gifting. Throw something in a carrier bag or keep it in it’s Amazon packaging and its likely to not go down as well as the same gift in a pretty box or bag. 

At Wriggle we really care about packaging. With custom tissue paper, stickers, boxes and beautifully illustrated sleeves, we’ve designed the entire unboxing experience to feel special. Our transit boxes are also carefully taped, so from the minute they arrive on the recipient's doorstep they feel unique.

If you order a hamper to your address to give in person, it’s already perfectly wrapped and ready to gift as is. However, when it comes to wrapping, more is more, and there’s nothing stopping you adding extra. We’ve pulled together some ideas of how you can go the extra mile when it comes to wrapping this year.


The ultimate when it comes to sustainability, the traditional Japanese art of wrapping gifts in square furoshiki cloths is being reimagined globally as a way of reducing single-use wrapping paper waste. Made from natural fabrics such as cotton or silk, these can be used time and time again and stay in your gifting circle for years to come. There’s many tutorials online on the best ways to tuck and tie. 

Brown Paper, Foliage and String

Classic and classy, brown paper packages tied up with string are some of our favourite things. This timeless simplicity and elegance can be elevated by adding sprigs of foliage to the top of the gift - you can either pick bits up at your local florist or go foraging whilst on a winter walk. Eucalyptus is good at keeping its shape, colour and scent as it dries out and trimmings of pine from your Christmas tree can add a definite festive feel to your present

Print Your Own

A fun activity to do with or without children, making your own wrapping paper is a great way of personalising your presents and making them stand out under the tree. Starting with a plain roll of paper, you can decorate with countless different patterns. A messy favourite is splatter art - which involves flicking watery paint across a sheet of paper. If you’re after something more refined, why not get back to basics with some good old fashioned potato printing? Pick a simple design, carve your potato and get printing!

Bright Colours

Go full neon party vibes to brighten up your giftee's day, think fluro wrap and clashing ribbon. As we say, more is more so keep it lively and don’t be afraid to stop until it looks ready to rave. This can be achieved with single colour wrap, and if you’re so inclined why not crack open to poster paints and add some artistic brush strokes to your paper?

Black Paper

Understated and chic, if bright colours aren’t for you then keep simple with black paper. If you want to give it a ‘pop’ then tie it with a bright ribbon or string, or go for a full blackboard experience and write all over it with a chalk pen.

However you choose to wrap things up this year, remember it's what’s inside that counts!

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